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Tax diary for September and October 2017

September 8th 2017

Important tax dates for your calendar.

DSC at the Harrogate Popup Business Cafe

September 8th 2017

Get all the answers to your business questions in one place at the Harrogate Popup Business Café.

Advice for your new start up

September 8th 2017

DSC Chartered Accountants has a specialist ‘new business’ start-ups team so if you are thinking of starting a new venture we can offer advice and assistance to help your enterprise grow.

Claiming back professional subscriptions

September 8th 2017

If your employment requires that you obtain and maintain membership of a professional organisation, you can make a claim to set the cost against your taxable earnings for income tax purposes. As you would expect there are a few hoops you will need to jump through to claim this relief. 

Evidence of earning for mortgage purposes

September 8th 2017

If you are a client, and registered to submit a Self Assessment tax return, we can provide you with a statement that you can use as evidence of earnings for mortgage purposes.

Common misconceptions about tax and letting property

September 8th 2017

HMRC has published a list of popular misconceptions that taxpayers have about letting property. We have listed below a summary of situations where you will need to declare rental earnings to HMRC

VAT bad debt relief

September 8th 2017

If you use standard VAT accounting - pay VAT on sales when invoiced and claim back VAT on purchases when invoiced - you may have availed yourself of the six months claim for bad debt relief on unpaid invoices. This would have allowed you to claw back VAT paid to HMRC on invoices that are more than six months old and still unpaid.

Uniforms, work clothing and tools

August 4th 2017

It is possible to claim for the cost of repairing or replacing small tools you need to do your job as an employee (for example, scissors or an electric drill), or cleaning, repairing or replacing specialist clothing (for example, a uniform or safety boots).