Free automatic enrolment meeting

August 19th 2014

Every employer with workers in the UK has automatic enrolment duties to help more of their workers save for retirement. All employers need to take action to comply with the law.  

DSC Chartered Accountants would like to invite you to a free specialist auto-enrolment meeting to help you plan and comply with the new legislation:

Why should you attend? 

At this meeting you will learn:
•the actions you need to take to comply with the law
•how you can determine whether your pension schemes qualify for automatic enrolment
•how you assess your workforce and identify the different categories of workers
•when and how you need to communicate with your workers
•your potential costs, options and some essential money saving solutions.

If you would like to organise a meeting to review your current circumstances please call DSC on 01423 560547 or email

There’s no obligation; we’d just like to simplify the process for you.

Please feel free to contact DSC Chartered Accountants in Harrogate if you would like to discuss this article in more depth.