Save money, make money - opportunities from green energy

March 6th 2015

With high energy prices and a growing need for businesses to reduce their carbon footprint, many UK businesses are considering renewable energy as part of a diversification project and as a source of additional revenue.

Benefits for commercial businesses and landowners can include:

- lower energy bills
- security of supply and energy price stability
- compliance with impending EPC legislation and improvement of ‘green’ credentials
- attractive returns from an enhanced income stream

If you like to lower your energy bills and generate an additional source of revenue, we can help. Please contact DSC Accountants in Harrogate to organise a complimentary meeting to discuss the benefits and practicalities of installing renewable energy sources including funding options, tax implications and planning issues.

For those considering investing in a renewable energy project, or equipment it is necessary to consider that the Annual Investment Allowance is currently £500,000, but will fall to just £25,000 from January 2016. This could have a significant impact on the returns from the investment. Advice should be sought to ensure that the maximum relief can be obtained, and the timing of the investment.

We look forward to hearing from you.