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Did you know we can look after all your taxes

July 5th 2017

... DSC can look after all your taxes?

Landlords bear the brunt of recent tax changes

July 5th 2017

Recent budgets have done little to improve the financial position of landlords. One change stands out above the rest: the loss of higher rate tax relief on finance charges.

Self-employed combined liability

July 5th 2017

Whether you pay Income Tax or National Insurance, the effect on your cash flow is the same. The payments are a necessary part of our obligation to fund the activities of State, but the self-employed are often surprised that their bi-annual tax payments cover Income Tax and National Insurance.

Are we making progress with Making Tax Digital

July 5th 2017

There is evidence that HMRC’s Making Tax Digital (MTD) implementation team are working with advisors and their clients to beta test the computer systems that will drive the quarterly upload process when it is timed to begin April 2018.

McLaren racing team lose tax appeal

July 5th 2017

It is a well-established feature of previous judgements that a fine imposed to punish an organisation should not be treated as tax deductible - the tax relief secured would effectively share out the burden of the punishment with the rest of the taxpaying community.

Beware Phishing Scam

June 2nd 2017

HMRC are strongly advising customers to look out for a new phishing scam in the form of an e-mail with the subject, ‘Your 2016 Tax Report’, with an attachment.

Our fully managed payroll service

May 23rd 2017

Did you know… DSC offers a confidential and fully managed payroll service? 

Do you know WHY you´re in business

May 23rd 2017

Do you know WHY you’re in business? Everybody has a why - a reason for doing what they do. Your why is the thing that inspires you and your people. It inspires the culture of your organisation and those who bring you business or use your services.