Universal Credit (UC) Changes

November 29th 2017

In response to the recent adverse publicity, the Government has agreed to various changes that are intended to ease the financial hardship for new claimants. They include:

Looking after the children

April 15th 2015

Most of us have got used to the topsy-turvy rules for Child Benefit and higher earners, where one member of a couple receives Child Benefit in full, and the other may have to pay part of it back to the Government through self-assessment, if earnings are over £50,000 a year. This is called the ‘High Income Child Benefit Charge’.

Budget Summary - Personal Tax and Miscellaneous Matters

March 20th 2015

George Osborne has presented his 6th and final Budget before the coming election in May. We have summarised below some of the Personal Tax and miscellaneous matters:

Tax Free Childcare

October 7th 2014

The Government has announced further details of the ‘Tax Free Childcare’ scheme, first announced in the March 2013 Budget and due to be launched in Autumn 2015. The current childcare tax reliefs - for workplace nurseries and for childcare vouchers - apply only to childcare provided, or partly paid for, by an employer. What is new about ‘Tax Free Childcare’ is that it will provide direct help with childcare costs, without involving the employer. Accordingly, it will be available without the co-operation of the employer, and to self-employed people on equal terms with employees.